Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Her Fashion Box: April 2013 (Feminine)

After the sucess of Her Fashion Box's first fashion and beauty subscription box, I was eagerly waiting the arrival of the second box to see if it would live up to the same standard

I'm happy to say that the second HFB box is just as good if not better than the first.  If you want to read about the first box click here.

April's box contains 6 items none of which are samples which makes me very happy as my sample box is overflowing!

Her Fashion Box: April 2013

HFB Fashion Item: Cuff
HFB Cuff RRP$39.95: An imitation lace black cuff which looks quite nice on.  I'm not a huge accessories girl so not sure wether I will wear or not.  I do like the idea of it though. I'm a little bit of a cynic when it comes to the RRP as it's not a branded item, purely something they've bought in bulk and then added their tag too.  With accesory stores like Diva & Equip in abundance with things like this I can't imagine they're selling them there for $40.  Just my opinion.

Bondi Sands Fake Tan $RRP19.95 + Applicator Mitt RRP$9.95
Happy to get this product with winter well on its way.  Has a coconut scent so I'm sold already - can't wait to try it out and see what the colour is like.  The applicator mitt is awesome,  I wouldn't apply fake tan without one of these and mine is well overdue for a replacement.

Schick Hydro Silk Shaver RRP$10.00
I have been a Venus girl forever.  I can get quite sensitive skin on my legs and the Venus is the only shaver that doesn't give me those unsightly red bumps.  I'll give this a go and see what happens. 

Modelco Lip duo RRP$24.00 & Eyeliner $26.00
The lip duo is a nice natural nude colour and contains a lipstick on one end and lipgloss on the other as well as a handy little mirror in the middle.  The eyeliner is black and has a sharpener on the lid which I love.  I haven't used model co products before apart from a free lipgloss I got once so I'm interested to see if the quality is as high as the price tag.

Her Fashion Magazine
Her Fashion Magazine

As per last month the box contains a glossy A5 magazine which provides details on every item in the box including how to wear them and where you can find them to buy.  I think this is a fabulous idea but also think that a large portion of the price of the box is probably tied up here.  Those magazines cant be cheap to make.

I'm impressed with this month's box, its professional, great value and I'll be using every single thing except possibly the cuff which I'm undecided about.  What I love about this box is they actually have listened to my preferences that I stated when I signed up.  The cuff came in Black and Gold but I specified no gold when I signed up and voila I got black.  You wouldn't think that was rocket science but it's been really hit and miss with some of the other boxes.

Let me know what you think and let me know what you got if you've subscribed.

Her Fashion Box is a monthly subscription box for $39.95 a month and you can find out more and sign up here


  1. Well I still haven't received my Lip Factory and I haven't received HFB yet either but I get the same as you. I am not a fan of tan, don't use it at all but that cuff looks very pretty, would make a great gift if you know someone who likes that kind of thing. I'm with you on the RRP, I can't believe that's worth $40. Have fun playing with your stuff :o)

    Jac x0x

  2. I got the feminine box to and totally agree about the magazine and the price of the cuff maybe $20 max!

  3. I also questioned the price of the jewelry as soon as I saw the price. Mine is a plain silver cuff (I got classic), I like it and I'll probably wear it but it's not worth $40. Regardless, it's clear that everything in the box adds up to well over what we pay for it. I have about 10 ModelCo eyeliners but they are good so I don't mind :)

    Make sure you fill out the survey this month so you get an extra freebie like I did hehe xo

    1. Happy to hear you think the modelco eyeliners are good, i thought the $26 pricetag was a bit hefty for a pharmacy brand... could almost buy a mac for that. Will definitely fill out the survey this time!


  4. I LOVE your cuff and wish that I had got that one (I got the plain silver).

    1. Yeah the cuff is growing on me I just feel that it sits a bit funny on my wrist but it's probably because I'm not used it. The lace design is quite pretty.

      Kayte x

  5. The box looks good but I would never be able to pull off the accessories they provide. Nor do I fake tan myself.
    But it's nice to see a "different" subscription service for Aussies that is actually not disappointing.

    Btw, I just followed you. Glad to find another aussie blogger :)

    - Sheri

  6. I love that cuff, it's absolutely gorgeous. I just found your blog, new follower here :)

  7. I got mine today and I am really unimpressed... so much so that I will be unsubscribing straight away.

  8. The box looked good at first, although I wasn't that impressed with the first box but this is just sad. Sending fake tan in Fall is a strange choice and there is nothing exciting about a razor. I won't be signing up just yet!

    X Bridget

    1. Beauty boxes are always going to be risky - they're only good value if you actually use what's inside it. Some people were really unimpressed with this box but I'll get use out of most things so its good value for me :)

      Thanks for your comment xo

  9. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a Bonlook sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

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